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Dear Judy,

I learned so much from you last night. I felt like a I was listening to a sage, which u are, guiding me on my upcoming journey and understanding of self and the world were in. I can't express how grateful I am to you for devoting 4+ hours to me because you believed I needed that. To me, It was very selfless of you, though I have to acknowledge that I'm not a boring student either. Yes, I could've talked to you for another 4 1/2 hours (or as u said, 12 more) because you are so wise, so entertaining and it was so fun talking with such an evolved soul who saw me for all that I am. I feel extremely connected to you now and forever. Your other daughter from another mother.

My gratitude for last night,

Ps. I have hugged myself in the middle of the day five times and will do more when I feel. I also will begin my nightly five day healing tonight.


Your healing session including a Divine galactic intemporel activation is the most powerful session I had in my life, it did reconnect me with my faith, my Divine Grace and I am now dreaming and manifesting a life where doors had been shut on me for too long. They are now opening up again after years of struggling and my capacity to love has been rejuvenated and boosted.

One of the most wonderful benefits is being able to see with more clarity and a gratitude attitude for all that is, new surprising healing tools are emerging at lighting speed. My own beauty is revealed to me. Choosing my self is becoming easier. I love you Judy Cali for the love you carry and for your deep empathy embodied in you. For your work. for your love. A million blessings, you are truly sent from heaven. Thank you.

Isabelle Rajotte Sound Healer
Montreal Canada
May 2 2022

Judy Cali is truly amazing. She is phenomenal and the reading blew my mind. I am still in a wonderful euphoria and having both tears of joy and happiness since everything she told me about me and my loved ones was so true and resonated with every cell of me. Judy is a gift from divine and I feel so blessed to have found her in this lifetime. I strongly feel nothing is coincidental, GOD plays a huge role in our lives to connect us with our soul family. I can't wait to have my future unfold into a beautiful and joyful place. Judy's laugh and sense of humor is also infectious and she is very patient and loving. With sincere gratitude and blessings Judy for everything that you do for humanity. Thank you very much!!


Hi Judy,

Thank you so much for the wonderful session and the special emails too! I appreciate it all so much. Thank you for your selfless, heartfelt service. I love you, you've helped me so many times.

Lori T

When I had my call with Judy on April 20th,2021 I told her about my nephew who was waiting for a liver transplant. She put him in the Emerald Crystal Temple of Healing . She called forth Faith, Hope and Charity to assist Patrick in what's needed with Love and to Guide the Best Medical People and Beings of Compassion to assist him now, through his Transplant & in Healing and may a Loving being provide the new organ so Love is what Patrick receives or something even better.

Less than a month later , Patrick receives a phone call that he is number two on the list for a liver . Then, another liver became available.(This is very rare!) He was number 4 on that list. He gets the second liver and was in surgery for over ten hours. A week later, his surgical team meets with him and tells him exactly what happened. They had to wait until they felt he was out of danger before they wanted to tell him the whole story.

He had an infection that NO ONE knew he had. They cleaned that out and during that time, Patrick's heart stopped. They shocked him once and he came right back. But:

1) If a liver wouldn't have become available at this exact time....
2) If he wasn't a B Negative Blood Type .....(This is what pushed him to number 1 on the transplant list)
3) If he would have turned that particular liver down .....(For any of a variety of reasons)

HE WOULD HAVE DIED due to the infection that no one would have caught in time!

He can now live like a normal 30 something and I feel so blessed that Judy helped us help him!

I have had two readings with Judy and they have always been around three hours long! She is never in a hurry and she will answer any questions that you have. She is so full of information and details that I have never heard from anyone else. She brought through my beloved grandmother (And my favorite person in the world) with a message. She gives me great advice about life. You will never regret a reading from her ! For what a call costs, you will get so much more than what you paid for it! I will continue to get a reading from her every few years if only to hear that lovely laugh again:) Her laugh alone brings so much light in!

Julia & Patrick

If you are considering having a session with the massively effective psychic detective named Judy Cali, oh, prepare ye! Actually, no, forget about being prepared. Even Judy has no idea what will come up in a session, whether it's with you or one of the varied online sessions she does with healing websites! (Many are free, and I highly recommend listening to as many of them as possible. I've had wonderful experiences with many of the animal guides and sacred stones she calls in, including a Golden Dragon, a polar bear, and a crystal connected to a Hawaiian Goddess.)

I've had three sessions with Judy, in three different states (CA, HI, NV), and boy, did I ever end up in a different state in each one of them! After the first one, in which she told me I wasn't sleeping enough/was developing spleen issues, I slept for 17 hours. (I had never even known i COULD sleep that long.) In the 3rd session, I was in NV for an ongoing dentistry issue that had literally become traumatic to my mouth/body, with a great deal of ongoing pain. But I was deeply enmeshed in the "process" this particular dentist was taking my teeth through, related to orthodonics/orthotics gone wrong, and felt I had few treatment options. As I explained the situation to her, she said "we're going to call in the highest healing team", and we began working with Archangel Raphael.

On that day, the pain was pretty extreme; It was even hard to talk. And Judy said she was going to have Archangel Raphael prepare a potion for me, while we worked with the emerald healing temple of Shambhalla, and that would be ready in something like 13 or 17 minutes. Honestly, I thought that being out of pain would be a miracle, but forgot about it as we kept talking, eventually shifting to another topic, as she works swiftly, listening to her guides to uncover what needs healing the most.

Suddenly I realized that all the pain had literally left my mouth for the first time in months. I looked at the clock, and yes, it was exactly the amount of time that Judy had promised the archangel needed to create the healing elixir. I remain a grateful witness to the shift that occurred in my life to this day, and never returned to that dentist, or that level of pain. Somehow, the complications unraveled; it was a miracle, indeed.

She is also an expert in excavating trauma, both in this life and in past lives, and in working with those, and all other topics, she is assiduous about coming from a place of love and positivity, which has been a dramatic contrast compared to most others I've worked with in this vein who have focused on copious negative aspects of my past lives, or told me how susceptible I was to psychic attack and the like. Judy will fortify you rather than scare you or bring you down, although she is also hardcore when it comes to shame/blame not being carried forth, and shares excellent clearing techniques to process. She tells us to giggle and watch funny videos to lift ourselves, treat ourselves like a beloved child, and then helps us believe we are worthy of such attention. She is a true healer.

Judy, thanks for your wisdom, laughter, and encouragement, and for all the prayers and fascinating esoteric information you share with the world.



Hello Judy!

I was able to catch your show with Darius on You Wealth Revolution a couple days ago & I felt the want, desire & need to thank you & send you an email of appreciation, love & light!

It is so nice to be working with you & have such an amazing friend as you. I remember our first session & how my life, spirituality & heart opened up so wide & limitlessly but also how much I've grown into who I truly am. I've been learning so much about myself since working with you & there really are not words to express the love & gratitude I carry. I recognize old patterns & mechanisms & gladly choose love over & over again.

I sometimes find myself in my head still but I know that's okay because I'm in the processes of aligning my mind with my heart & shining, being myself & shining my light just the way I need to right now in every way shape & form. It's so nice to have an awesome guide like you who is able to help reflect back to me truly & dearly what my soul & heart needs & also what others may possible need & how I can assist. I've expanded greatly into my Ascended Master self & my energy work excellently. I'm also so thankful for HTLC! It works fantastically & now I laugh more & it opened me up to wanting to laugh & be happy & stay in my heart as much as possible.

I'm hoping one day I can do the type of work you do & help as many people as I can. That truly is my dream so I guess I'm not hoping I just need to branch out, open my wings & fly. Hahaha. To become a spiritual life coach such as yourself & help as many people as I can is what I was born to do. Exactly what I signed up for this lifetime.

I try to catch all of your shows & light up & am filled with anticipation when I know you have one coming up. I also want to say how cool it is to be traveling with you & our Fellow Friends & Masters during our sleep state for the next five more nights!

It's so cool haha to put so much of my energy into loving energy work for myself & others & to know I'm doing that while we sleep & get to visit these beautiful sacred places as well is awesome!

I've really expanded into the truth of who I really am & it means everything to me... so I wish to thank you with all of my heart & I send you the biggest joy filled heart & wing hug that I can possibly give you right now!!! To have such a deep relationship with someone is something I really admire as well like you mentioned during the show.

Throughout my life I've had experienced some pretty unhealthy relationships but i find it so beautiful to have such a deep connection with you & clear those things & be able to live exceptionally happy healthy lives with others! I really recognized & remembered how beautiful this all truly is when I was listening to your show with Darius. I apply what you teach me with so much dedication & determination.

I'm able to work on myself now like I used to search elsewhere for or from another person to help me with. It truly is beautiful to get to know my truest self & have you there guiding me through what could seem as vulnerable states but now I see them as the most beautiful experiences of healing, love & light.

I'm really at a point where I'm ready to branch out & help others like you help me. I'm just so very thankful for all of your help, love & dedication to help others & I just had to let you know! Haha alright can't wait to hear from you & catch your next show & I will definitely see you tonight at the Great Pyramid!!! Yay! Hahahaha.

So much love,

Profound & Priceless Session with Judy!!!

I have done energy work for over decade with various well known Specialists in various fields.

While receiving amazing sessions an Quantum empowerment "Infinite Energetics"

I'm a Holistic Specialist & an open minded student in this game called life.

Now with that being said, my session with Judy goes beyond measure!! Her crystal clear insight that had no limits & her Sacred Heart remotely touches your Sacred Heart the unconditional Love that's felt- experienced is so profound- Tears of Joy!!!

She shared exactly what I needed at that period of time for continued healing, growth & expansion!!!

Much Gratitude & Appreciation

Her natural being was authentic & I literally felt so comfortable talking with her like we knew each other for many years.

Anyone that's interested in continuing to explore within, don't hesitate to connect with Judy!!!

You'll be Amazed with what comes forth!!!

Marc Anthony

Thank you so-o-o much for your love & blessings, Judy! & for embracing YOUR SELF & sharing your gifts, to help us embrace our SELVES.

I felt so uplifted, empowered, & JOY full after the session with you. You have been a REMEMBERER for me, who has reminded me who I AM.

As long as I keep on dancing, laughing & hugging myself each day; I feel like, now, I will always remember who I AM - which is much GREATER than I have allowed before.

All because I am loving my SELF more than I have EVER loved ME!!

Muuuch love to you, and may you always feel BLESSED,

My session with Judy Cali was so amazing! I learned many things including more about who I am and what I have been. This gave me more clarity about my life purpose and spiritual path.

Judy was by my side on the phone as I released 92% of my toxic wounds from people who have injured me emotionally or physically and she taught me how to do this on my own so I can continue to release as issues arise. I have spent over 65 years attempting to overcome deep pain from my childhood so this is very powerful for me.

I learned new ways to send love, appreciation and support to children and adults.

I also gained more understanding of my health issues.. I experienced Ascended Masters coming in and healing me physically, emotionally and spiritually.

It was so powerful and the process that began today will continue to heal me for the next 6 months!

Judy works with each person as to what is needed and takes whatever time is needed to complete that work.

I feel greater strength, clarity, love and peace. I am so grateful and appreciative of my time with Judy!

I highly recommend her to anyone who feels ready for an amazing session.

Pamela Kirscher

Beautiful One Judy!!

I wanted to give you a fuller explanation as to why I was so struck when John Wayne showed up in the Channeling ...

The day before I had said to Mark my husband (that had passed just over four years ago) that, I needed help.

We watched John Wayne movies regularly. One of our favorites was the one made in Ireland ...

So, when John said that not all his movies were westerns ... well I felt that Mark was "piggy backing" along with John during his message.

The next day I went to the garden shop to look for roses & I stopped in my tracks & grinned from ear to ear with joy ... a beautiful rose named "Pilgrim" was grinning right back at me. (today I am going to get him - was not sure where to put him at the time) & then .... just before encountering "Pilgrim" - there was this particular smoke bush plant named "Young Lady" & that is what Mark's best friend, since they were both 15, always calls me. And so it was another message from Mark, telling me that he is with me & he hears me.

Another revelation is that when you had mentioned that your open heart surgery caused your growth to be diminished. That happened to me too. Three kids in a little red wagon in my childhood photo, I am the same size as my siblings 4 & 5 years younger than me. I always thought that it was because I was so traumatized that I could not eat ... (that too) but there was a medical reason for it!

Finally - Do you have the name of the surgeon that operated on you, as he may very well be the same surgeon that opened me up days after my birth in August 1954. I would like to thank him.

You certainly gave me a booster shot the other day!!!! Seeing things so clearly!!!! & yes - I have been going through profound exhaustion for around a month but am energised again!!!!

The dynamic energy - a sort of fusing - continues.

Thank you so very much.

Deborah, Canada

(Judy Cali answered: his name was Dr. Potts at Children's Hospital in Los Angeles, in 1949. You can call in his Higher Self & tell Dr. Potts all your Heart holds.)

I Love You Beautiful Judy!!

The day after we last spoke, I took my gorgeous little boy James, on a road trip 1/2 way across Australia...& have been rather incommunicado during this "Integrating" adventure!

I wanted to write to you 4 nights after we spoke to let you know of the phenomenal celebratory Gift I received - as Golden & extraordinary as you said it would be, God Bless you Judy

I did send you a heartfelt telepathic apology at the time - our road trip began with some professional help for the PTSD story I couldn't shake when we spoke.

Please know I have arrived in perfect timing for our chat tomorrow as a much wiser & awake Sphere of Loveliness hahaha! (That's a new one :) )

Thank you from the bottom of my Heart for gifting me with your Golden Voice Judy - Thank you for vocalizing my Integration Roadmap & giving it Sound when I could not...

I took detailed notes of our chat Judy, & just as well...for in the first re-reading immediately following our goodbye, it was clear that the entire story was indeed an incredibly intricate Golden Oracle...an enormous sense of who I Am in this very moment..experiencing all manner of physicality - simultaneously!!!

I know now why I couldn't articulate a truly fitting Testimonial to your Superpowers before now Judy...even though I was immediately visually & Heart knowingly aware of the Golden threads that your words were made from, I had no prior experience with becoming honest to God, truly aware of the Alchemy within the Golden Threads of Creation that contained the words of wisdom.

Holy Mother of God Judy!!! Bless you darling, I'm laughing so hard right now...the laugh of the slow learner that kicks ass in the end hahahaha!

It is just now, after these several weeks of intensive learning & integration that I can communicate well to your lovely sphere of people & accurately present my experience of your Heavenly Self Judy.

I left our phone call with a Living Oracle...made of Golden Threads...containing words that I found out Judy, are mini Universes in themselves!

By focusing with such blissful gratitude for you & the magic of our Divinely arranged telephone call, I was just awestruck at the things you had shared with me...when I finished reading the first section containing my other lives, my focus was guided to my "big goal" of mastering my understanding of linear / non-linear time.

When this intuitive link was made between your words Judy & my desire to get really comfortable with the concept of all lives existing simultaneously right now - I had a Stellar Shift inside I can tell you!

There was a magical way that your words were merging with my consciousness Judy - the richness of information for each life - & the clarity with which they mapped to my current beingness...was quantum in nature & I can still see in my mind's eye the picture of your words in Golden Thread/tubing format. This is the aliveness of what I can only describe as Pure Source Oracle Judy...because the messaging was a direct match to the Need in my Heart for knowledge to fuel my expansion.

The alchemy reveal within your woven words was one heck of a Golden shock Judy!

Within your words was all necessary components for my upgrade into aligning with, holding & managing the wisdom & it's subsequent energetic movement through the different bodies - mental, emotional, physical & now expanding for me into a definitely wiser & stronger awareness...utter transformation/transmutation & God knows what else Judy hahaha!

The best part though Judy, is that as a result of really listening to your counsel & really feeling your love, the healing that has resulted for me over the last six weeks is actually a medical miracle!!!!!

When we spoke I could still hardly walk from having my legs crushed & spine injured 8 years ago...hence the trauma

Your living Oracle Gift has resulted in the physical clearing of PTSD & trauma based psychological injury...& then it got even better!

I can walk Judy!!!! I have minimal to zero pain!! My spine realigned & shifted back into place - like Literally!!

And section by section, every part of both legs have released the buried pain experience I didn't know was trapped in there.

I thought it was all from the accident!

You told me Kwan Yin was with me Judy & I'd never heard of her - being deeply separated from our Mother...she came to me after my special celebration & has not left my side! She healed my spine & legs Judy when I asked her for help!!!

I'm crying now...THANK YOU JUDY!!!

Bless you Gorgeous Girl...I Thank you from the bottom of my Heart...& I cannot wait to pay this celestial kindness forward Judy.

Thank you for being the most sacred of partners in what is truly, my Liberation.

I love you!!!!!! Chat tomorrow Judy!!


I simply want to tell you that I am so happy for you & how you managed to get your Healing, Channeling & message out to millions of people since we first met 15 years ago.

I remember the challenge you faced moving from New England to Florida then to Arizona onto Southern California then Mount Shasta, Arkansas & back to Southern California.

I wondered if you were a gypsy doing palm reading or something. Just kidding I didn't know.

I have been blessed, honored & appreciative for our sessions since, I think, 2004.

You helped & walked me through my loss of partner, parents & health.

I believe I only survived several near death experiences because of you & your team of Ascended Masters, you told me that came forth to support me.

I continue to call on them especially Saint Germaine as I know he is with me each day.

My point is that I am grateful for the work you did with me.

I am thrilled you are now reaching the masses.

Last night I was exhausted.

I went to bed & for the heck of it I looked you up.

I found a session that you did for Beyond The Ordinary & another one after that.

I was so in awe I couldn't sleep.

I listened for over three hours & learned so much.

But the most amazing thing that happened is I heard your voice & your laugh & it brought me back to our experiences over the years.

It brought me home to you & my Sacred Heart.

I love you Judy Cali.

You changed my life & you guided me to truth.

I am so happy your word is finally heard by so many.

Maybe we will talk again.

Thank you my love.


What is the magic of a session with Judy Cali?

For me it was several things & it's complex to describe, as her sessions are multi-layered & keep unraveling to yet another layer for days after having it with her.

However, the first thing that comes to mind is the high frequency of being in her presence, which for me was felt as unconditional love, a deep compassion, warmth & joy. Just to be with her interacting together for me was so comforting & healing.

I have loved my sessions with other Lightworkers, but in Judy's case, it felt like a heart connection that was longstanding & I could feel the effect of all her years of communion with Ascended Masters & high-dimensional beings of light in her wisdom & the frequency that emanates from her.

It is palpable when one is with her.

The next thing that happened for me was that after I had the session, I realized that I also can really feel the healing she did & the encoded aspect of her work that goes beyond the words.

Without even realizing it at the time that she & I were having our session, I feel some major work got done with grief, loss & abandonment release, which have been themes in my life for years.

She was able to correctly define my core fear & major life challenge without my even mentioning it to her.

I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking support, encouragement, healing, shifting forward, breakthrough or miracles!

Judy Cali is unique in my experience, a combination of someone very wise & profound who feels like an Illumined Soul combined with the joyful wonder of a magical land.

At the same time she is extremely grounded & practical in terms of giving one guidance for integrating this light into our human life in this dimension.

She has helped many people in many different life situations & she is not shocked or afraid of the challenges that people go through in the material realm of Planet Earth.

As soon as I knew our session was drawing to a close I wanted to already be with her again, because to be with her is to be in the higher dimensions & to feel the presence of Angels, the Stars, the Great Central Sun & the highest dimensional beings of light.

Thank you, Judy, for my session--it was life-changing for me & I treasure having this opportunity to work with you!

Karen Phillips, North Carolina

Judy Cali is my human angel. I debated signing up for a session due to a six month wait time (yes, she is that popular!). They say everything happens at the right time and in perfect divine order, so I put the session in my calendar and forgot about it until that life-changing day. Judy has the gift of making you feel safe and understood. She magically taps into your soul's truth. For the first time, I was able to disclose that I was in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship. I was extremely unhappy and felt trapped. I couldn't leave the marriage because we owned a business together. In a matter of a 60-minute telephone session, my life changed. I initially resisted her urge to leave the marriage. I had every excuse why it was not possible. Judy countered every excuse with a good reason why I MUST leave. For a split second, it scared me more to think about staying. My denial suddenly had a crack. I knew deep down my life was at risk and it truly scared me. Judy's gift shifted into high gear. She gave me step by step instructions and calmly made sure I knew exactly what to do as soon as we hung up the telephone. The moment we hung up, I felt this incredible energy surge rush through my entire body, propelling me forward. It was such a powerful energy that it didn't allow me time (or fear) to question what I was about to do.

Today, four months later, I am safe. I manifested a beautiful oceanfront home rental right on the beach, which has allowed me to recuperate from my PTSD. I bask daily in the incredible beauty of the ocean while taking daily walks on the soft sand with the dolphins! They are teaching me how to live each moment in joy and playfulness.

Judy's sessions are not for the weak; but that should not stop you from receiving your miracle … I've since learned that I am stronger and more powerful than I ever imagined!

I look forward to finding and using my spiritual gifts to help others, the same way Judy has helped me. I am forever grateful for my human angel and I know after one session with Judy, you will too.


Between the outbreath and in breath of Life ... in this Deep stillness, I AM ... here.

Anywhere and everywhere ...

Shedding identities, releasing stories, expectations and dream ... I AM here ...

The Now has expanded into eternity in the profoundness of the sea. I AM in peace ...

Time extending into timelessness ...Nothing into nothingness ... And here I expand into wholeness ... oneness ...

Eternity is here ... Now.

Surrendering into the sea, it is easy to shed fear. Everything is still ...The past is gone, the future is alone.

I rejoice in heavenly flow ... Nothing to become ... I AM All ... Waves start to come ... Emotions arise,

Contrast brings me back ... I awaken into the dream. Infinite Love and Blessings for You and eneryone you Love,

Gildy (Jill-dee)

Judy Cali's session was life changing for me. Her psychic abilities are such a gift to this world! I was so excited to listen to her very precise and loving information from my Higher Selves, and her loving words brought me cascades of tears of remembrance as a soul ... She helped me reintegrate lost pieces as a soul with her clarity as she validated my innermost qualities as a Being.

She is unique also as she channels the wisdom and Presence of our Guides and Masters! It was so rejoicing to listen to the precision of information as she received it from the higher dimensions specifically for me! This made me feel a big difference of my life before and after Judy's session!

I am also so grateful for Judy's channelings and interviews in the internet, for her prayers and meditations. They are living embraces of harmony and peace!

Thank you Judy for being alive at this time, for the precious jewel of your Divine wisdom and for your beautiful open heart!

Infinite Love and Blessings

"I Love You, Judy"

I discovered Judy Cali on a Tele-summit a few years ago

. There was an immediate resonance with her Divine connections and teachings as well as her kind loving nature.

Judy presented such Master Level teaching and healing's to each person she connected with individually, as well as the entire audience on the call. I was so inspired by the experience that I booked a private session with her.

During my private session with Judy Cali she shared such expanded information that went far beyond what I could conceive at that time on my own. Judy will share insights on a level only known to a very few Master Teachers on earth at this time through pure love, kindness, highest consciousness, knowledge and wisdom.

She empowers you to look within to find the answers while sharing with you the tools and skill set to achieve your own greatest expansion.

Judy will work directly with your own soul's unique journey with such mastery, spot on intel, with clarity and comprehension that supports your True Self.

Judy has the ability to connect with Pure Source consciousness with unconditional love.

If you're seeking a new palpable expression of your Highest Self and next level of embodiment, I highly recommend a session with Ascended Master Teacher Judy.

With much love,

Arizona, USA

My wife found out about Judy Cali on the Beyond the Ordinary show with John Burgos. She had a transcendental "reading" with her and it happened to coincide with a very difficult time in our marriage. I, personally, was at the lowest point of my marriage despite being successful in my career and feeling like I had made great strides in my spiritual discovery.

It was at this low point when my wife encouraged me to contact Judy and make an appointment. I called Judy and to my delight she not only picked up the phone but proceeded to gift me 45 minutes of information and experience that was some of the most profound time I've spent in my entire life.

I was so extremely grateful that she gave me that unsolicited time to walk me through her I IAM PRESENCE technique. I was able to experience an encounter with my beloved dog from my childhood that brought me to tears of joy and peace. Using this technique later on my own, I was able to begin to make peace with several family members that I had great difficulty with for over 15 years. This allowed me to see them in a positive light, unburdened from expectation or ancestral programming and in joy. To see them smile and for me to feel heard and at peace allowed me to break through and ascend to an even higher level of consciousness.

Having worked with many healers, intuitives and energy workers over the years, I feel that Judy's delivery of information and spirit is truly unique and second to none that I have worked with. Thank you Judy for opening my heart and my soul to these higher levels of consciousness which I've always known I could reach but needed just a little push.

I would recommend Judy to anyone out there who is seeking clarification on the bright light that they possess to learn more about who they are, what gifts they possess and why they chose to be here during this time.

John S.
Palos Verdes, CA

Lovely, lovely, LOVELY.

I didn't know quite what to expect, and that was a good thing...because the result of me truly opening up and being with your energy and insight, freed my heart of constriction. I've felt fully "open" since the call, and I've not been able to maintain that for as long ever before. You provided me a real depth of notable clearing and the guidance to continue moving "forward" in the NOW. I am grateful to have received such a gift!! THANK YOU !!!

Happy Happy HAPPY to BE Here...

Bless you, My Dear Judy Cali !!!! You "little nudger" you!!!!

Love you,

My Angel Dear
By Star Blossom Goddess

(as a result of my session with Judy)

Mist from a golden vibration of wisdom
fell upon me.
A waterfall of droplets filled air.
My breath and heart expanded,
as light showered me with love.

It was my golden angel
coming to greet me with rising sun.
A gift. A treasure.
A mirror of self unseen before.
The image radiated as I awoke
to feel the energies of my angel dear.

The vibrations invigorated me,
catapulted me into a song
that echoed from heart.
That made me dance,
with gratitude and grace.

Her name Clamidih.
Her beauty to match mine.
Her radiance filled my heart
and taught me how to fly.

My Grand Heart
By Star Blossom Goddess

(as a result of my session with Judy)

Within precious heart,
vibrations turn to words.
Pulsations rotate into actions.
Songs ring out like birds.

From footsteps of dance,
swirling motions invite.
Eye contact solicits.
Bowing becomes a hug.

Within sacred heart,
drum resonates outward.
Music plays delicately.
Rays of sun mesh with breath.

From standing firmly,
dark thoughts dissipate.
Light comes for freedom.
Time stops inside love.

Within throbbing heart,
red celled walls swell.
Church bells ring with grace.
Consciousness awakes.

From divine heart,
oneness is felt
Joy is embodied.
Temple of divine self is found.

As a Yogi and Alternative Therapy Practitioner for 35 years, I am frequently asked how do I manage to remain peaceful, I simply reply my mentor Judy Cali. Judy taught me to love myself and to know I am enough.

I struggled with low self esteem for many years, Judy helped me see my value through her master classes and personal session, I began to shift and heal. Judy Cali is a Master teacher, she is here in service simply to help all of us expand our individual consciousness.

She gives the tools so generously and lovingly, exudes wisdom, and empowers all those fortunate enough to hear her.

I highly recommend a personal session or two with Judy she will uncover and unlock keys within you guiding you to the next level in your evolutionary cycle.

With Love,
Malinda Hurd

So, most likely because you are reading this testimony you are considering scheduling a session with Judy. I, like you, read reviews prior to any purchase, especially such a personal one as this! So, with that, I will share my experience: First, let me say that the call was very harmonic; the energy flowed back and forth with ease. I never got the sense that she was looking at her clock and rushing through my session. In fact, and I hope she doesn't mind my disclosing this, it went a bit over! Also, It felt almost like I was talking to my girlfriend or sister; there were no awkward pauses or talking over one another. Second, she said things that Spirit gave to her that no one on this earth would know about me! For example the day she and I scheduled over the phone, she had mentioned that one of my guides said she had a broom and would follow me to assist me in clearing up old energy. Well that morning, I had spilled a large bag of birdseed in my basement and I didn't have a broom!!! One of the most significant things was that she was given an image of a red dress with white polka dots. Well, when I realized what that truly meant, I couldn't really even speak. It was the only dress given to me by my father who had left when I was two; a red dress with white polka-dots! Also, you know when someone is telling the truth, right? You can feel it. Well she spoke MY truth. So much so, that I was dumbfounded! She knew it all!!!! And she was able to reach me so that I knew it too; if that makes sense? Afterwards, I experienced so much joy and utmost happiness that nothing could lower my vibration!

What I realized as I processed what took place, was that in assisting me to raise my vibration, I in turn was able to perceive my world through my Divine eyes! That opened up an array of wonderful opportunities for me that I hadn't realized possible! (We actually got more of a tax refund because I had the creative inspiration to research another a deduction that we had never thought of)! I know I am going on and on, but truly I feel empowered and confident! My journey has now taken another turn! So Judy, if we could all capture your essence, and bottle it up, the ingredients would read something like: Contains, Pure Love, Joy, Wonderment, Empowerment, Hope, Harmony, Cosmic Sparkles, and so much more!

With Love & Light ... Marie J.

Judy's kindness & generosity are beyond measure, & my gratitude is boundless!!!

During the I AM Presence Technique during our Session, and since, invited a number of people up onto the bridge with Quan Yin. Some of which have been asked back again!!! The I AM Presence Technique, was one of the most helpful of all of Judy's Gifts, it really gets to the Core of Stuff, and finally dissolves all that is being worked on. Such Freedom is then felt. After making recordings of the 3 Prayers, Judy sent me, am now playing them 24/. Saying them out loud 2x each day. This has been the basis for many quantum shifts in the work areas suggested in our Session.

The information Judy gave me during our Session was so very helpful. Exactly what was needed to take the next steps in Life. Over the past few weeks, have been very much in touch with 3 of my inner children, especially the angry one. They are now all smiling and very happy, playing ring a roses around me!!! Feels like yet another quantum shift took place.

Since our Session, as Judy suggested, have been looking after myself in a nurturing way, and am able to witness when I get really stuck into something. Now am taking a break, and maybe not even going back to it until the next day. Also taking time to Blow Bubbles, blowing Sparkles into the Bubbles too, so pretty!!! Playing in all sorts of different ways which is such a pleasure & so much fun.

Since our Session it's good to see that a number of things which would normally have brought up anger for me not too long ago, have me really laughing now. Even got some laughter Mp3's which always get me going!!!

Ever since our Session, I have been seeing rainbows of some kind almost every day. Yesterday was the icing on the cake, joined a queue at the Post Office where the lady ahead of me had the whole of her hair in ‘Rainbow Streaks'. I remarked to her what fun that was!!! She really liked that.

Frequently seeing Rainbows appear where I live , mainly double ones.

Judy Sweetie, in deep Gratitude for our Session & all of the many wonderful outcomes since.

With Huge Hugs
Much Love & Many Blessings

Judy is a channeler,
of crystal skulls so grand.
Sharing gifts to one and all,
as she moves through the land.

She will send you endless love
She will help you to see
all of who you really are
and who you're meant to be.

With a session you will find
great insight becomes clear,
that we all are so divine.
She helps release all fear.

Judy I am so grateful,
for all you do and say.
As I bow and dance along,
I move a sacred way.

To all who you channel my
honor goes out far.
I have learned inside my heart.
I am a shinning star.

Written by Star Blossom Goddess

I originally heard about Judy Cali through 'Quantum Conversations' with host Lauren Galey about two years ago. Since then, I have not missed a call with her!

Judy is one of the wisest, most joyful, most phenomenal spiritual intuitives that I have had the honour to meet. When I am on a call with Judy, I feel like I am 'home' and connected with my Soul family. There are many surprises even for Judy on a tele-summit call or a personal session with her as she doesn't always know who is going to come through. One can expect many joyful surprises!

I had my first personal session with Judy just two days ago and trust me, I am still on the 'Bliss Bus' from the messages and nuggets of wisdom and truth I received! In just two days I feel like I have shifted in the most amazing way! I had a whole list of questions which I wrote down about a week and a half before the call. Well, this list went 'out the window' shortly after our session started as a very loving and humorous being from the Pleiades came through Judy with messages for me. I had tears streaming down my face as he shared that he knows me very well and was waiting for my session with Judy to be able to connect with me once again. He shared that 'they', the Pleiadians, chose Judy for this connection as they know of her reputation and integrity and knew that she would be non-judgmental in bringing through this message for me. How awesome is that?!

I cannot recommend a personal session with Judy highly enough. You will be blessed, uplifted and gifted through Judy in ways you never imagined!

Carolyn - Dublin, Ireland

I first heard of Judy Cali on a radio program called Acoustic Health with Lauren Galey as host. I was taken in by Judy because she seemed so down to earth. I have never had a reading by a psychic before. In the last few years, I started my awakening & I really wanted confirmation on a few things such as, was I on the right path, am I really feeling Angels & Spirit around me etc. I emailed Judy & asked for a personal reading. She called me back personally (which I thought was great). We said hello to each other & I shared with her that I loved her story about how she connected with the Dolphins when she was in Hawaii. She said to me "did you know your totem animal is the Hawk?" I almost fell off my chair!

There is no way this wonderful lady could have known this about me. Yes! the Hawk is my Animal Spirit Sign & I have known since I was young. I was on the fence about incarnation as well. Mostly because of the religion I was brought up in. I was not allowed to think like that. But; deep down, I knew it was true for me. When I started meditating three years ago, I asked if I had a Guide with me & I saw an old man with gray hair, short, wearing leather sandals. I knew he was Ancient & a Healer to me. I thought his name was Ezra.

Well, when Judy was doing my reading She told me I had a Spirit Guide with me all the time & his name is Ithica. She described him perfectly & she confirmed that he & I had many lives together as friends. She said that he wanted me to know I was a more powerful Healer than he is. Not only did she confirm my past incarnations but also the fact that I am a Healer. I had recently been contemplating going to school to become a Reiki Healer!! Judy then told me that on my left side is Maitreya (The World's Teacher). I had never heard of him.

She told me to look on a website so I could read about him. I really did not really think about it much, until two days later I dreamed of a hand coming from around my right side to in front of me. It was sparkly & glittery & I knew this was a beautiful thing. I went to the website a few days later only to find a picture of Maitreya's hand. I know now he showed his hand to me in my dream to confirm what Judy had said. I printed out the picture of his hand to my size & I am putting it on my mirror to remind myself that he is here to help me.

The most beautiful thing about my reading was that throughout the entire conversation with Judy herself & through spirit, she reminded me that my purpose is to love myself unconditionally & limitlessly & that I am a beautiful person. I had struggled with this concept for many years as I was raised to fear God. How could I love him if I was always afraid? And, If I couldn't totally love God, how could I love myself?

Judy channeled Jesus during my reading & he said he wanted me to know that we are all one in Christ & I know that he is one with God & so am I. He offered me to wear his sandals for a year so I could strengthen my conscious awareness of who I am. For the first time in my life, I am able to love God & now myself because we are all one. I am truly grateful for this reading with Judy.

I feel a new confidence towards everything that I am undertaking in the near future. I feel totally supported by the universe & my Celestial Family. I know for sure that they are always with me to assist me here on my path back home. Now I know that I am never alone.

I will be recommending Judy to my friends & family. Especially those who don't believe because one session with Judy will change their minds & their lives.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


Judy Cali came into my life through events of fate & destiny which I choose to call Serendipity.

A few months ago I began to start having very lucid dreams of Mt. Shasta. I did not know the meaning of why I kept dreaming of being pulled to this mountain but I knew I was being called or being given a message. I was not in a good place in my life when the dreams began to occur. I was sad, lonely, feeling worthless, broke & hopeless. I was feeling very insignificant & I began praying, basically asking God to please bring me HOME if He was ready for me because I was one tired, worn-out Lightworker in this lifetime.

One night I decided to research Mt. Shasta on You Tube, to try to put the pieces of this puzzle together of why I kept dreaming of her & why I felt so called to this mountain. There was a radio interview about Mt. Shasta in which Judy Cali was a guest. As I listened to her, every word she spoke began to resonate with my soul & what she spoke about Mt. Shasta began to feel very familiar to me, even though I had never been to there & knew nothing about it. She was speaking of things at Mt. Shasta that had occurred in my past dreams. I had chills all over my body as I listened to her interview. At that moment I knew I had to find her.

The first thing I did the next morning was to begin to search for her. It wasn't hard. I found her instantly by entering her name into a Facebook search & there she was. I immediately wrote to her & within hours we were communicating. I knew she was part of my life puzzle the moment we connected.

She spoke of things no one could know about me & connections I have had in this lifetime, as well as other lifetimes that I only knew through my reoccurring dreams. I felt immediate peace & comfort in finding her & we set up a time to communicate by phone. My whole life changed after that night of our consultation & my life became a series of beautiful Universal Synchronicities. I left the place I was living in misery & began a brand new life. It was as if after our meeting I finally had the courage to be happy.

I have since been led to my Twin Flame who I have been searching for all my life. Judy helped me to clear away the wall of things that had been blocking me from so many desires in my life. The miracles & the synchronicities have not stopped since she came into my life. My dreams are more lucid than they have ever been & my messages are so clear now from those dreams. It's as if ever since my path crossed with Judy the pieces of my puzzle have been coming together rapidly.

My life is now felt with joy through the eyes of wonder & the knowing that anything is possible. I am feeling my purpose as a Lightworker again & I'm back on the front lines. I will forever be grateful for so many reasons & in so many ways to the Universe for allowing our paths to meet at that crossroad.

Judy Cali is truly a Sister of my Soul & I love her so much.


Judy Cali is a joyful & wise woman.

I first heard Judy on an online program where she giggled all the way through her talk, explaining that joy is the ingredient that brings home things of spirit. All because of that joy, I just had to talk with this woman.

I was not disappointed.

Her counseling/teaching cleared issues from years past & left me with a pattern which I use when the need arises.

She offered abundant knowledge & wisdom, delivered with joy & love.

A magical thing happened that I will never forget & I recorded it in my dream journal as follows:

"Judy Cali" said, "I shouldn't have come."
Then she was sitting at my computer ... then we were sitting together at the computer.
I then noticed that she had cleaned & painted my little apartment patio & left two pots of newly planted Angel Wing Begonias.

After I awoke the next morning, I had to check my patio to see if the plants were there.

I kept feeling that it was not a dream at all, it was so real.

Obviously, the interpretation is that Judy led me in cleaning/clearing out my old stuff, making me new & refreshed.

Thank you, Judy.

I looked up the spiritual significance of colorful flowers & they signified kindness, compassion, gentleness, beauty, etc ... & are also symbolic of perfection & spirituality.

Flowers, in a dream, may be an expression of love, joy & happiness. To me, these words describe Judy Cali.

Flowers also represent hidden potential & latent talents & Judy, clearly explained, the hidden parts of me.

Bless you, Judy Cali & always with love.

Judy Hiscock, New Brunswick, East Coast, Canada.

Thank you so very much, Judy, for the "THANK YOU!!!" on Jazz up Your Life with Judy's show.

I had just completed my 19th year as a Crisis Telephone Counselor - Most of the time, an unacknowledged, thankless role... however, much better than the betrayals of friends & family who I gave so much time to... So I cannot begin to even express how much your message healed & validated WHO I AM.

Thank YOU! Thank you, for your amazing work, your amazing knowledge... that has answered so many of my questions... in this very confusing phase of my life.

You cannot even begin to imagine how many spaces & places your message healed in me, Judy! It felt like an acknowledgement from The Divine of all the hours spent on cold nights supporting strangers; & the ingratitude of many friends & family members through the years. In that one talk, so much HEALING took place... I wanted to write to you immediately thereafter to share the impact that YOU have had on my life, in just that talk, before the healing work that you share with so many others.

May you be INFINITELY Blessed for you being you.

I send you Love and Infinite Beyond-words Gratitude,

There is nothing like the experience of Judy Cali!

She is one of the Greats & I believe she is here to bring Divine Love & Light to our world.

Each & every time I hear Judy share her messages & her wisdom I am instantly expanded into new possibilities & realities that inspire real change & growth in my life. She is magnificent, awe-inspiring, unfathomably gracious & a beloved master!

I recently felt compelled to contact Judy for a private session & I am so grateful that I did.

My session was life changing & profoundly transformational.

In my session, Judy saw many of my past life experiences that were very applicable & intertwined with my current life experience, each one filled with endless, loving insight.

Judy also brought forth wisdom & information to me directly from the Ascended Masters.

This was the part that was so profoundly transformative.

Our session completed, shifted me out of a place of stress & anxiety over my life purpose into a place of absolute peace, joy & clarity about my reason for being here. Priceless!

I have never known anyone who is so deeply rooted in his or her Sacred Heart in every moment.

The only way I can describe an experience of Judy is to say it feels like Home. She is a sacred gift in my life.

I am blessed & grateful to have the opportunity to work with her & to call her my dear friend. I love you, Judy.

With love & appreciation for ALL that you are,
Sara Landon

Thank you Judy, from deep within my heart for your assistance & guidance.

The session was a true divine gift that I can't thank you enough for.

I was carrying suppressed & heavy emotions within my field, that was continuously draining my energy, decreasing the joy & excitement I was experiencing in my personal & professional life.

I'm amazed how the process you taught me could quickly shift my energy into Love & Compassion, whenever I use it.

It reminds me to always speak my truth & choose love over fear.

I also want to thank you for your timely guidance about my divine path.

It brought me even more joy about where I am in my journey & also eagerness for what is yet to be experienced.

Much love & gratitude to you Judy!

Moncef Afkir

In November 2015, I listened to Judy Cali's replay about MAX THE ANCIENT CRYSTAL SKULL on Lauren Galey's Quantum Conversations.

I had very little knowledge about Crystal Skulls & was intrigued when Judy said that Max had been contacting all listeners, whether live or on replay, in our dream state. There was also mention of 12 other skulls that were all connected to Max.

Just 4 days after listening to the replay, I was running a few errands & found myself just mindlessly driving around my hometown area with no apparent destination in mind, & just turning when I felt the impulse to turn.

It was like floating & just surrendering to where the current wanted to take me.

It was a peaceful "living in the moment" kind of experience that was extremely unusual for me, but I was having fun.

I even mused to myself that maybe I was looking for more places to hike with the dog? Then I saw in the distance a building whose stone facade I often admired but never really knew what it was because it was back behind some other buildings & off the main road. In that moment I decided to drive over to that building & get a closer look to appease my curiosity about what went on in that building.

I had to make a couple turns to get there & as I drove up I spied a parking place right in front of the building.

I even thought 'Oh there's a parking place just for me!' Then I looked at the window of the building & was astonished to see a huge poster of a Crystal Skull & it was named Synergy!

I jumped out of my car to see if there was a date & time or any other information.

There was no other information so I looked through the window & saw that there were people gathered listening to a speaker. I boldly (& uncharacteristically) stepped into the building & took a seat in the back row.

There was a woman talking about all things that mattered to me: fairies, nature, Lemuria, crystals, ascension, etc.

It felt as if I was in a blissful dreamstate & I could see auras around some of the people gathered.

I had never seen auras before or since!

At this point I still had not seen that in front of the room was Synergy The Crystal Skull who I was eventually able to touch!

As I recount this story it is still mind-blowing to consider that within days of hearing about the Crystal Skulls through Judy Cali, I had this amazing Crystal Skull connection via MAX!

I can clearly see in hindsight how MAX somehow lead me directly to Synergy, at the EXACT day, hour & place, so that I might connect with Synergy & have an experiential understanding of the exquisite power, beauty & loving energy of these skulls.

I had absolutely no prior awareness of the skulls before Judy's presentation, let alone the fact that one of them would be showing up in my neighborhood within days!

This experience convinces me of 3 things:

1. The authenticity & gifts of Judy Cali
2. The power of the Ancient Crystal Skulls
3. The true inter-connectedness of the Crystal Skulls

The miracles keep happening, because now I am getting to host Max, The Ancient Crystal Skull & his caretaker JoAnn Parks, in my home for a weekend in 2016!! Thank you Judy for your amazing gifts & sharing them with the world!

Barbara Dawson
Pennsylvania, USA
Sept 2016.

I loved my session with Judy, it really bridged the gap between physical and spiritual for me, to finally know who my guides are and to help with the feeling of isolation. Judy was very kind, loving and generous with her many gifts, and gave me many tools to work with, and further my exploration into the spirit realms.

thank you from,
Rainier, Washington

Last summer after multiple unexplained falls, I decided to contact someone, in order to get some understanding about these incomprehensible falls. That same day I was divinely guided to call Judy Cali. What a surprise when I realized that this call was meant to be. I felt that she was waiting for my call. She was the person to bring me understanding and to provide divine guidance in my life. In my heart Judy Cali is an angel of love, light and hope. She has being a wonderful guide for me with a gentle touch when I needed one. Her guidance and love has helped me to find my way in life, and help me to continue on my spiritual journey.

I am extremely grateful to Judy, for the Divine work that she has provided me, and I send her ...

Love, Light and Peace,
Celine Veilleux
Montreal, Canada

As I am interested in metaphysical studies as an Intuitive Consultant I was led to Judy Cali for not only healing but to further my spiritual path.

I was scheduled for an appointment with Judy. It was a hot desert June day. I was going to cancel the appointment but my guides told me in no uncertain terms to attend the meeting. They said there was something important for me to learn. I was with Judy for three hours that first meeting and began a "clearing" with her guidance and wisdom. It's been five months since that initial appointment.

I enjoyed meeting with Judy as she is warm and caring. I especially enjoyed her big smile and her loud laugh. She is filled with joy and a funnel of information.

Five months have passed and I see numerous positive changes in my life as a result. My spiritual awareness has strengthened. I also feel clear concise psychic messages during meditation daily.

It has also strengthened my psychic gifts and provided me with a new sense of confidence. I feel I able to help my clients more than ever.

I now do daily positive affirmations and meditations at a deeper level. My psychic accuracy has also increased.

Judy Cali is always available with fresh guidance and approaches. I have learned a great deal from her. I feel my spirituality beginning to soar.

I am filled with gratitude that I was led to Judy Cali. I appreciate her professional guidance, teachings and enhanced new tools I have to work with.

I feel blessed and my path appears clearer each day. I would definitely recommend Judy Cali to all interested.

Kenn Chapski

Rancho Mirage, CA

Dear Judy,

It has been a month since our first session together.

It is hard to find the words to truly express my transition that has ensued since our session. The work we did catapulted me to an energetic level my soul was ready to embrace and yearning to to realize. In the days that followed our session I felt a new found, yet personal strength come forward in my every step. It felt as though our time together allowed my inner soul to come into 'the now' with my current reality and in doing so my 'sight' and internal confidence grew.

Before I called you, I had hit a depressive slump where my desire to 'live' was minimal. I am so very grateful to you for the time and love you gave to me! It has really made a difference and was exactly what my soul needed. Now I feel more ready than ever to engage in the next chapter of my life.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I look forward to next time.

Love & Light,

Sunaura (Sunny)
Destin, Florida.

While my inner world was spinning and twirling to a real off beat drum, my outer being was grasping for whatever would stop the pounding and allow my heart to open and sense and feel a direction ... a way to not only keep on keeping on - but where? I have been blessed to have connected to first class healers, but I felt I was about to spin out of control. I felt guilt that I was unable to heal myself! I asked for help. It came so divinely. Presented in the presence of Judy Cali! Judy, knew EXACTLY how to put me back in control and back on the path to where I was going!!!

Marcia Harp

My meeting with Judy Cali still continues to flow thru me today, in the most loving and healing ways. This first meeting of ours, occurred 7 months ago, and "the gifts keep on coming!" Energetically I knew, I was in heart-space. If you are reading this testimonial, chances are you are considering connecting with Judy Cali. My intention of writing this is to let as many people as I can,... KNOW, that being in Judy's presence, is a loving gift, that you will be giving to yourself! And TRUST that when you do say "yes",... it will be so divinely perfect. My greatest gift to date is now being able to notice, witness, feel, love and honor my truer I AM PRESENCE. Thank you JUDY,... we shall meet again.

Maureen Squazzo
Warner Springs, CA.

I was really impressed with her capacity and intuition; she is very certain and provides good advices that guide us to continue this journey of life. She is really great, without knowing me, was able to communicate with my angels and relatives and provide wonderful ideas. Blessings and all the best in your healer work.

Mayra Trujillo
Beaumont, CA

At the time I met Judy it was under circumstances that I felt were out of control and beyond my control.

Control is the operative word. My life up to that point was one big disappointment after another (due to, too many and unrealistic expectations). I felt that no matter what I did, my life was destined to be miserable and would always receive bad for good. That's all I knew.

A dear friend who had just lost everything, and had to start over, relocated to Palm Desert, Ca. She directed me to Judy and said that she had helped her.

Once I had a chance to listen to Judy, my life and how I react to it changed forever. I have a new view of my life. A better view.

Judy gave me the message I had been waiting my whole life for and the universe was ready for me to have it. Not only did I find out who I am but also, why I am. She brought me out of my destructive ego self and introduced me to my true self. A world of knowingness and my true higher self. I was always there I just hadn't met me yet.

Judy was not there to solve my problems but to give me the tools I needed to embrace what is meant for me to have. The greater reward is healing and knowingness, which I can in return help others achieve. In essence to “admire as well as inspire”.

As I came to know more about these new found thoughts, my awareness became stronger. Judy left me with…. “You will know when you need the next message”.

I needed to contact her because once again I had a feeling or a notion that I needed to get another message. Judy was able to help me connect with my inner resources and empowered me to find the necessary answers.

Thank you Judy for being a great source of light and love in my new found world.

May you have many blessings, you are my special angel.

Veronica Rosales
Bass Lake, Ca.

I thought my schooling and lessons had ended in my youth but the realism is that we all have lessons to learn in this life and when we choose to no longer learn we are not truly alive. I live with an open heart and mind but I seldom do for myself. I guess I find my self unworthy of reward or recognition. I was told by my guides, angels, spirits or whatever terminology you prefer, to get my wife to the Healing Path Expo in Eureka Springs, AR. They knew I would not make the journey for myself so I was “tricked” into the greatest growth experience I have made to date. My wife, Sherri, entered the Healing Cabin at the Expo and was greeted by a lovely soul named Judy. They struck up a conversation, while I stayed my ground giving them space. Judy insisted I sit at the table and join them. Expecting to see Sherri getting some important information, I sat down curiously. Judy appeared to be receiving some messages and she turned to me with a stern confidence that emanated urgency and importance. Judy told me of experiences I had in my youth, stuff I hadn't even told Sherri of. She spoke to me of my guardian named Ferdinand. She said he sits atop my left shoulder and often comments in my ear when indecision floods my mind. Yeah, I see a little bull on my shoulder too. She went on to explain that I am a gentle giant and an Earth Angel with a particular relationship to the elementals. She described me to be like a fairy whose wings have yet to open. Ok now I picture myself as Duane “The Rock” Johnson in his tutu in the Tooth Fairy. The emotional thrill ride she took me on is hard to put into words. I was so moved, that Sherri and I left the Expo to regroup and come back later that day. I had not told Judy that about 30 minutes before our meeting, I had conferred with the Great Mother at the pond below the Healing Cabin and pleaded for the knowledge no matter how much it hurt. Be careful what you wish for and be sure you are able to handle your request. Peace be with you.

Ed Hall
Marshfield, MO.

My experience with Judy Cali truly changed my life. Judy is a very gifted healing professional who blesses everyone that comes to her with divine love, compassion, and grace. During the session, Judy starts out by delivering to me answers to questions which I have never shared with anyone before. These answers were like long lost pieces to a puzzle-pieces that I have been searching for nearly all of my adult life. By working with Judy, she is likely to reveal things to you that will put you in touch with your true divine nature; and if you are like me, you will be gravitated towards a path of enlightenment just from one session with her.

Mitchell Thomas
Katy, Texas

Let me start by saying that I am honored to be writing this. Judy Cali is one of the most clear light channels I have ever met in my life, and I have met and worked among quite a few. I have been privileged to attend many of the classes of this master teacher. Through her, I have received much illuminated and timely information of the New Age paradigms and have been able to use the information, energy and processes to make many personal breakthroughs that have enlightened my life. This has enabled me to become clearer in my own spiritual work. Judy has always been and forever will be a fountain of love, humor, caring and healing and a light creator of the first order. I highly recommend her to all, as one who leads by example and who practices what she teaches. And, so, it is with love and respect that I submit this testimonial. Thank you, Judy, blessings on you and my little friend, Karma, too.

-Solange Silverman
Rancho Mirage, CA.

I write this testimonial to Judy Cali's abilities, not only because I want to, but because I find it to be my obligation to those out there that search for their higher selves, and/or are blocked by whatever negative energies might be hindering them. I met Judy in June 2009, after having spent several years in Palm Springs with my two dogs. Not getting into great detail, I quickly became aware of a negative presence in the house or that was connected to me, making both my dogs and me very sick indeed. As the years went on, I tried to make excuses to why they were happening, but inarguably, over the last several months, I began to fear for both my dogs and my well being. That is when Judy came into my life. I called her and told her of the issue and made an appointment for her to come to my home for a cleansing. She could tell even at that time that it would not only be for my house but for myself. As we began to work together the following day in my house, Judy worked with me from the pure love in her heart. Never was I afraid. Often I cried joyful tears, as she began to communicate my Angels and Guides to clear not only my own negative energies, but the negative entities I had attracted over the years from a drug addiction I suffered.

I look at Judy as my own Angel as she assisted me in returning my house and me to a higher spiritual level. Gone are the entities and gone are my own negative energies that held me down for many many years.

God Bless you, Judy .....

John Falconed

Judy got my life in the right direction. She revealed the spirit at my core - it was as if I now had permission to be the person I really am. What a beautiful freedom. I no longer have that feeling of someone or something fighting to get out. I feel like I have my whole life ahead of me now.

Lorraine Ohanesian
Indian Wells, CA

When I met Judy, she gave me a big hug and I knew I wanted to do some work with this warm and loving person. I invited her to come to my home to get to know each other and my horses. We talked for hours and I was so happy to have met such an amazing intutitive healer- but that time together felt more like ol' friends catching up. She said "we are all healers and teachers" . She was clearly being the Judy I have come to know and love deeply .Judy has added so much to my life- but I will talk abouth the top three of a very long list. She has guided me towards my hearts passion, helped shine light on questions I've had for a long time, and demonstrated that we all have gifts to share. She says "we are all in this together -helping each other along the way".

Thank you Judy- I am forever grateful.

Diana Berna
Chandler, AZ

Judy Cali has done an intuitive soul reading for in February 2009.

She has clarified many things for my life. She has made my life brighter, clearer, and inspired me and spoken directly to my soul. She has discussed the reading with me in a manner that is direct, respectful, delightful, genuine, and with humility, compassion and care in her heart to truly assist me in my life's journey and difficulties.

She is a very genuine person who has purity in her heart while doing the reading and after the reading as well. I loved her reading not only because she provided me with much critical and needed information for my life's journey and destiny, despite that and more importantly because she reached my heart and my soul and made me feel much lighter, and happier like a ton of bricks has been lifted off my shoulders and put wings of angels for me to fly with.

Judy Cali sincerely cares and is a true human being.

I recommend her to any one who is serious about their mission here on Earth and wants to have a fulfilling life.

Edan Isshayek, Canada

Judy Cali has a way about her. In talking with her for the first time I immediately felt comfortable, as if we have known each other for years. Her kind and loving disposition made our time together an amazing experience and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to exchange energy and words with Judy.

Judy, you have such beautiful gifts to share with the world and I am a better and more knowledgeable person now after our session. In an extremely transitional time of my life you opened my awareness to all the potential this world presents so that I could see and feel my life's path more clearly. Thank you from the wholeness of my heart and I look forward to talking with you again!

With happiness, gratitude and much love,

Sarah Burns
New Britain, CT

I met Judy Cali, by chance (or not), at a time in my life when I least expected it and most needed her gentle guidance. She gave me the greatest gift one human being can bestow upon another. Judy reacquainted me with my true self.

Judy was a special guest at an event I attended in November of 2008. I was fortunate enough to receive a brief reading, during which she suggested I read Doreen Virtue's book "Earth Angels". I had never heard the term earth angel before that day despite the fact that I had read many spiritual books and spent hours on end perusing the metaphysical book shelves of every book store I found myself in over a 12 year span.

As I mentioned, my first encounter with Judy was brief, yet, I was profoundly touched by the compassion and kindness that she radiated. Needless to say, I went to the book store as soon as I was able and wasn't at all surprised to find only a single copy of "Earth Angels" on the shelf. I was filled with joy as I read it.

I've had a lot of contact with Judy since then. Each encounter with her proves to be more prolific than the previous. She has helped me to lift my own veil and see myself in true form. As a result, my life has changed on many levels and my soul has begun to heal. Judy is a treasure who brims with abundant knowledge, love and pure light and I am thankful everyday that she graced me with her gifts.

I have urged friends, family members and everyone I care about to share in my experience and connect with Judy. Many of them have and they are also moved deeply by the experience. If you are considering a reading with Judy, I implore you to do so. It will be a life changing event.

Thank you, Judy.

Aimee - La Quinta, CA.

The work Judy Cali has done with me has been an incredible experience. She has taught me skills and insights that I didn't even know I was learning. She has helped me with so many areas of my life from personal loss to self healing to guiding me as I learn to focus on my future. She has done this in a way that develops and fine tunes my own higher knowledge, skills and abilities some of which I never knew existed within me.

Working with Judy is pure joy. The way she approaches healing or provides on point and insightful readings is remarkable. The impact of her work is immediate, positive and recalibrates all I have come to know. I find the process easy, exciting and it elevates my heart and soul.

The best part of my experiences with Judy has been her teachings and ability to assist me to open up and understand that there is so much more to life. Thanks to Judy I readily tap into my own internal self to guide me as I grow and develop myself to be a better person and wiser soul.

I will never forget how Judy has made an incredible and very tangible difference in my life and I would not hesitate to recommend and encourage working with Judy Cali no matter how small or large your challenge.

Thanks Judy and warmest regards,
Atlanta, Georgia

Dearest Angel Judy,

What a blessing Judy is to our hungering world and to those of us who have the joy and pleasure of her presence and love in our lives!! I have been the recipient of the messages she distributes for several years but it has been just recently that we made contact with one another. It was like reconnecting with a very wise and loving friend whom I hadn't seen in years, if not millennia. There was an immediate heart connection. We made an appointment to meet on the phone, and what an amazing hour and a half it was during which we shared things of the heart, mind, soul and spirit. Toward the end of the conversation she led me through a life-changing meditation, introduced me to my new Guides who were to be with me, and her love energies opened me to further spiritual adventures on the Golden Path of my destiny. The experience is comparable to a birth into a new dimension of being, of feeling wrapped in the safety and joy of Light and Love.

In thinking of you, Judy, I see you as a vibrant fountain of angelic Love, Light, Joy, and Wisdom that you freely give to your clients, your friends, and your world!! I count it as a golden blessing to have you in my life. Your light and love enrich the lives of all who know you!

Thank you, Judy. I treasure our friendship on so many levels.

Love and Joy to you in all you are and in all you do!

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

My Dear Friend Judy,

Thank you Judy for the beautiful, loving messages that you have delivered from my loved ones on the other side. It is because of you that my heart feels lighter, my vision is clearer and my mind is peaceful. I am selfishly grateful that you are in my life as a special messenger and friend to help me understand my journey and lessons to be learned. It is because of your loving words and spiritual voice that you bring much happiness to those of us who are ready to receive it. Again thank you for your kindness and for sharing your beautiful gift of voice.

Friends are kisses blown to us by Angels.

My loving wishes,
Kathleen Kordas
Reconnective Energy Healer
Reiki Practitioner

Hello Judy!

How are you????

It has been so long, and so much has changed, since we last talked. I have been thinking of you often over the years. I wanted to extend my heartfelt love and gratitude to you, from my open heart to yours, for all that you are, Judy, and all that you do...and for being such a significant source of love and light for me during some of my most darkest hours. Judy, I am so grateful to you for your part in guiding me back to myself in such a beautifully Divine and delicate way. These past few years, since moving back to Rhode Island, I have finally come home to myself, by honoring my heart and listening to my inner souls calling...and I have found my truest guide within myself. Now, I rely on my inner guidance, without question, and I trust in the perfection of where it leads me next. I have been lead to some amzing experiences because I have trusted in the process so unconditionally. I have also been so blessed by all of the Divine wisdom and Divine tools that you have shared with me over the years. You have opened my world up to connecting with my inner guidance, my inner voice, my true self....and most of all...The Divine. You have introduced me to so much about the "Great Mystery" and how it enhances and relates to the exceleration of my spirtual path...I am so grateful to you for opening the doors and blessing me so abundantly with such wonderful spiritual tools and Masters such as; Kim Maroney's beautiful "Angel Blessings" cards, Doreen Virtue's spiritual cards and books, Patricia Dianne Cota-Robles' Divinely orchastrated work...and you have Divinely brought into my awareness and my life, the powerful work of Crystal Spirits/The Ascended Masters/The Angels and Archangels/NASARA/the FaerieKingdom/Telos/Adamos/the power and healing from the Dolphins and Whales ... and last but not least you introduced me to the power of Prayer, as well as, the amazingly broad spectrum of Divine Alchemy and Divine Healing work. Judy, my life has been eternally Blessed... from knowing you....from my open heart to yours...

Love, Light and Blessings to you now and Forever!
In Spirit and In Sisterhood, (ISIS)

Amy Martin, NCLMT, RMP, RHP, CST

Dear Sister of the Heart:

Thank you for the recent e-mail sent through my sister, Diane, enquiring about my visit in British Columbia. We are enjoying our time together and I'll be here for two more weeks. A lot of water has run under the bridge since my last conversation/ session with you on February 18, 2007 ! What strucked me the most during that particular communication is that the Guides and Light Beings that were communicating their messages were using specific expressions that I very often use in French. The first message given by Adama through you on Feb. 15 (message that you sent to me from work) may have been brief (8 lines), but in thoses few lines, 4 of my numerous questions have been answered. It was confirmed that I came from Telos; I was given the name I had there; I was told my reason for being here, on Earth now; and this intense filling that I had deep in my soul that I was ready to move on to the next step in the knowingness of who I am, was confirmed. I was definitely anxious before Adama's comforting words and I definitely felt the protection he was offering me. These beautiful messages served to open my mind and my heart further. So, I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for what you did for me that day.

LISE DÉZIEL, British Columbia


I can't say enough about Judy Cali! Judy is a treasure to all souls on this planet, a blessing beyond our imagination. I'm very intuitive myself, and when I heard Judy's name suggested for my reading, I knew instantly that this is the lady that has to give my reading. Little did I realize at that time what an incrediable gift I was to recieve. I've gone to maybe six psyhics in my life and 3 of them were really good. But none of them reached me as deeply as Judy has. I was in tears twice in the reading with her. She has such a clear connection with the spiritual hierachy, the way she/they can look at past lives and give information pertinent to the current life astounded me! All the while keeping a genuine loving atmosphere that truly touches the soul. I love this lady, it was love at first sound, her voice! I wish that I could have been caught on camera during the reading, it would have made for some laughs and tears. As I sat there at times dumbfounded with my jaw wide open. Other times with disbelief all over my face. Then in the next moment tears of joy, relief, satisfaction, release, and happiness all rolled into one. And it all ended with a sense of reassurance, confirmation, amazement, inspiration, humbleness, being cared for and loved deeply!! In short, this was by far the most auspicious reading I've ever had. If I sound like I'm going off the deep end, raving about Judy, you may be right. But she/they ARE that good!!!

In Truth............
Joseph, Boulder, Colorado


Words can barely describe the way in which you have touched my life, but I will try. Your kindness and loving energy is enough to help me but I am blessed to be gifted with your readings as well. I receive so much nurturing and intense love from the messages you so generously deliver to me. It is indescribable. after calling you with deep sadness in my heart, I was able to feel immediate relief and comfort about the loss of my mother and my dog. Also, I recieved relief from the heavy burdens I have carried on my shoulders for so long. I love you so much and thank you for being such a lovely presence in my life.I am very lucky to have met you.

Peace and love my friend.
Barbara, Scottsdale, Arizona


I can't begin to thank you enough for our sessions both today and yesterday. I have come to a greater understanding of who I am and what my mission is and will be. It is only in the silent space of one's soul while connected to the magnificent energies, which you my friend are divinely gifted with, can we truly begin to understand our self and answer the "why," comprehend and complete the "ah-ha" moment while connecting the dots... It is a matter of trust and, I do so trust you.. as your heart not only receives divine guidance, you parlay the information with the same divine guidance and intention. There is only truth.

Last night, late into the evening, my husband called me into his study to tell me that there was a television segment on miracles that, obviously, he knew I would be interested in. As I diligently watched the program, it was interrupted with a commercial highlighting the next program -- UFO's. I gasped.. the same ship you described, the 911 caller who took the calls.. Tina Joaquin (Wakin).. all evening prior to this occurrence, my body felt as if I were housing electrical currents with sparks exploding up and down my arms.

Judy, I do know this -- there is something happening which is beyond anything I have ever experienced, and it is with faith, love and trust that I will move forward.

Blessings, much love and sincere gratitude,
Karen, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

One day a friend of mine called me totally excited. She could not stop talking about a reading that she had with that amazing woman. What she described to me was so different and fascinating that as soon as I hung up the phone with her I called to make an appointment. That woman was Judy.

My 1st consultation lasted 2 hours and I now continue to contact her on a regular basis. I never want to spend less than 2 hours with her on the phone because what she has to say is so precious to me and every time it is time to conclude I wish it would last forever Judy has brought me so much light, guidance, love and inspiration with her amazing gifts that I often say to myself: Thank God she exists!!!

In those days where I really felt I didn t belong to this world and was wondering what I was here for or if I was only a crazy irrational dreamer.., she helped me realized that not only I was normal but also how precious I was (we all are). She confirmed and enlightened some of my dreams and visions, and also gave sense to astral projections and visions I've had. She is one of the reasons I keep moving forward fearlessly because she made me realize how much we are helped and surrounded with love by ours Angels and spirit guides We are really not alone!

Thank you Judy. God bless you.

Marie, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Again, let me extend the deepest gratitude, delivered on the wings of love and light that you helped me experience in this new and spectacular way!

As you know, I took copious notes during our entire session. I felt a wide variety of sensations, though I was very conscious and grounded during the entire time. I was surprised that I didn't burst into tears or react like some of your past clients, given the immense power of love that was evident in your words. I felt like my entire body was "buzzing" after our session; but I wasn't sure if it had worked completely.

The next morning, I awoke surprised that I didn't sleep well! Then my wife and I had a brief fight that morning too! I focused inward on love and we reconciled quickly; then she went to work. I was confused, but I knew this was all happening for a reason. Then, I received a surprising call from my wife after only a few hours. In summary, we welcomed an abused woman (from her work) and her children into our home THAT SAME DAY! I was shocked at the timing and knew that this experience would allow me to put what I learned in our session into practice; and that's what I did. My wife also rose to the occasion and took great care of our guests during their stay. On Sunday, I went to Barnes & Noble (as you said) and got "Earth Angels" and read it that day. Amazingly, our guest's name showed up in the book in the first chapter! Needless to say, she's doing better now and she's back at home already with her children!

Today, I laid my left hand on the book and "extracted" all of it into my spirit. Following that, I went upstairs and meditated for 45 min. . .FINALLY the breakthrough happened! I now know, with 1000% confidence, that EVERYTHING you did and said worked! I had one of the most profound experiences flying with my guides/angels! I felt a huge flood of love and light. And, for the first time in years, the self-criticism stopped. . .the inner negative voices were silenced and I experienced the "heaven" that's just a vibration away! Everything that you said "clicked" and made sense! And the best part is, the feeling hasn't stopped! I am walking in my angel's shoes now! I feel empowered by love and light, centered and grounded like never before, and I KNOW, FINALLY what my purpose is (on a conscious level) for the first time in my life! What a gift! What an incredible gift indeed!

These lines and dots on the screen cannot begin to express even a fraction of my thanks and love! All I can say is, look out world, here I come. . .NOTHING in this world or any other plane of existence can stop me now! I join you proudly in creating light and healing! I am honored and proud to be your brother in light and love!

With a deep soul hug enfolded by my new-found wings ...
B, Los Angeles, California

As the owner of The Inspired Heart in Vero Beach, FL, I have had the pleasure and privilege of personally experiencing Judy's gifts of "Soul Readings." Judy has participated at the shop's Psychic Fairs and has also given readings. My customers love her and so do I! A customer walked in without knowing Judy was with us for the day, received a reading, and exclaimed afterwards that she had "waited her whole life to hear" what Judy expressed to her during the reading. How awesome is that!

Having Judy in my life has truly been a gift and a blessing for me. The Inspired Heart is very grateful for Judy's gifts of healing and soul messages. While we will miss her physical presence very much - we send her heart hugs and best wishes on her journey to Arizona. Thank you Judy for sharing your gifts with all of us. Your soul readings and angelic and ascended master healings are a RARE gift. Experience a reading unlike any other!

With love and abundant hugs, Patricia Williams
The Inspired Heart

I first met Judy at an after church healing service. Immediately she hugged me. It was at that moment I realized that there was something special about this particular lady. I had been hugged a lot in my life but, up until that point, I had never felt SO much genuine LOVE in a hug. Instantly I felt Blessed.

Judy has since helped me to clear blockages to my knowing, that I know, that I am whole. She has helped me to look at my fears, bless them and send them into The Light. For years I believed I was crazy and alone in what I believed and what I experienced but,through the use of Judy’s gifts and talents, I began to understand that I was then and I am now a perfectly Divine Expression of The One. I hope to continue to work with her as my growth and change necessitates. Working with Judy has been a Blessing and a Joy.

Much Love from my heart to yours Judy,
Hope Roscoe, Waterbury, CT

I have spent the last 30 years involved in some form of spiritual study. I have always had an unsatiated thirst for spiritual knowledge. I have taken courses, read books, including the Bible, as well as studied astrology and, most recently, tarot. Then I made an appointment with Judy.

I had never met Judy nor was I aware of her background. I just knew I needed a reading. I sat down across from her and instantly knew I'd come home. She began by channeling my sister who passed 7 years ago. I was definitely not prepared for that. After hearing her messages, years of chaos, turmoil and frustration vanished instantly. Not only did Judy vocalize my sister's messages, she embellished on the spiritual principles and ramifications involved. I was totally in awe!

Our half hour session became an hour and Judy compassionately and sincerely filled the time with wisdom beyond her years. I left our session in a never before experienced peaceful state of being; I would not have been able to find the words to describe what happened. The person that left that building was so different than the one that had gone in. And today, one day later, I am still filled with the same heightened sense of peace and contentment and know in my heart, if I follow Judy's advice, this will continue to be my awareness. I have more gratitude for Judy than I can say. May God continue to bless her, her family and all that she holds dear.

Betty, Florida

I find Judy's work to be heart-centered and deeply clearing. Few are able to get so deep that I am left feeling so light. I appreciate the caring and deftness with which she guides and facilitates such a powerful healing. I am grateful that I found such a wonderful and gifted healer. Her integrity and ability are extraordinary. I highly recommend Judy. She is a gift.

JP, Los Angeles, CA
Energy Healer

When I first met Judy I felt the deep sincerity and desire of her heart to assist humanity in its evolution. Judy's gifts have helped me trust my inner guidance and just surrender to the Divine Plan. Her ability to connect with other realms of existence and bring forth their message is extraordinary. I was given reassurance that even in the midst of chaos ALL IS TRULY WELL and we are deeply supported. May Judy continue to share her gift and lovely heart with many! blessings ...

Claudia Leifer, Florida

A Radiant Gift of Light

After just re-locating 3000 miles away from my heart-center and spiritual community, to answer a ‘Spirit Call’ to anchor my work in Florida, I had the gift of being in session with Judy Cali. Her initial phone call to me was an answer to a prayer, as her loving presence and welcoming words, helped me to feel that I was ‘walking amongst Angels’.

Not only did I have the gift of a personal reading with Judy, additionally; I was cuddling with her beloved four-legged, Karma, as I was receiving all of the transmissions. The heart healing that ensued was unforgettable. Thank you, Judy, for the gift of assisting me in re-connecting to many of the Guides and Masters that have been working with me on my Souls progression! Your gift of infinite love, clear vision, and beautiful soul communication is a sacred treasure. Blessed be.


Eloiwa, Stuart, Florida

I have met many people through seminars, psychic fairs, and expos, but few stand out in my mind high above the others. Judy appeared in my life during a seminar on crystals. She brought to me a strange little crystal, by name of Andara, and since the moment she shared this stone, we have had one wild ride!

Judy is such a great example among the spiritual community; so many people are good at what they do, yet so few are as sincere about it as Judy. She has shown me more than I imagined, and she has been a beacon of Light in my adventures. The greatest aspect of Judy is that she can truly listen, both in this plane and beyond. Her heart is always warm and friendly, and she really holds her sincerity and clarity alongside her talents and integrity.

Nick, Stuart, Florida

It's true that when we seek our life's purpose, it unfolds and presents itself. The right people to guide you on your path appear in your life. Judy Cali was one of those people. My two sessions with Judy have been that of comfort, peace and truth. What was surprising to me was that I actually took part of connecting Judy with others. I have seen positive tranformation within myself and with my friends since our last meeting. I highly recommend Judy Cali to assist you along with your journey. God Bless!

Jane, Longwood, FL

Judy Cali's spiritual and healing work is infused with the same sense of loving kindness that permeates every action that she takes in life. Judy is one of the most thoughtful, thorough and committed person that I have ever encountered. Through her work you will feel the total support and unconditional love of Judy herself, as well as the Ascended Masters, Angels and guides that she brings through for you.

Judy's work is joyful, uplifting, and moving. You will be thrilled at the poignant sense of spiritual connection that you feel during and after a session. I highly recommend a session with Judy!

Suzanne Gould - Salisbury, Conneticut

I first met Judy when she applied for an admissions rep position at a business school in the Berkshires. Judy's demeanor at the interview was much more interesting to me than her qualifications. My immediate sense was a calming, peacful person, a person I wanted to be associated with.

Through changes in the company, Judy moved on - on to find her true reason for being alive.

After a few weeks on the job, I one day become totally disturbed by the way people were treated and unhappy. I walked out the door, knowing I would never return. Although I knew in my heart I definitely made the right decision, my emotions took over. The one person I wanted to speak with --- Judy Cali.

My first call to Judy was one of forgiveness. Forgiveness for being caught up in the corporation mode of thinking. We met and talked for hours. Again, I found the peace from Judy I had never felt before. Judy was going on a trip but left me with angel cards, and books to read. I devoured everything she said and gave me to read. It was a difficult time - but a beautiful time.

Judy guided me through prayer and meditation introducing me to Mother Mary, Father Joseph, and Archangel Michael. I never feel alone - never. When Judy was in my home talking Serenity Vibrational Healing, "I saw a white light behind her in the shape of a rainbow and I was amazed." I will never forget that experience.

My life, my thinking has totally changed after meeting with Judy. I am no longer in control - I have given myself to Mother Mary, Father Joseph and Archangel Michael. When things happen I say, "I hand this over." I wait, the answers come or things happen that I can't explain. My lifelong fear of being alone and not in control - are gone.

I thank Judy Cali very much for being in my life and I am sure she is put on this earth to share herself with many to be able to find the peace, contentment, love and understanding of what is important and why we are here-at this time toghether. Judy is an earth angel.

Judy - Thank you. Love, Carole - Cheshire, Massachusettes

Judy had made such a dramatic difference in my life. She tuned me to the spiritual forces that were around me in which she made me tap into that power to have a more abundant life. God, Jesus, my personal angels and spiritual guides have blessed my life and have shown me on how to be the strong person that I was meant to be. When Judy speaks people listen, it’s the aura around her that gives you goose bumps and makes you feel the spirits around you. I thank God for bringing Judy in my world when I had such doubts and questions. Judy has been a true inspiration to me in everyway possible and she will be to anyone that comes in her path.

Terri Pinto - Shelton, Conneticut

This is a testimonial written about the metaphysical work of Judy Cali. Having known Judy for the last three and a half years, I've had the privilege of observing her ongoing transformation into an ever more compassionate and dedicated lightworker. As life has been accelerating challenges and life patterns for all of us on the planet, Judy has responded to the pressures of leading a spiritual life by deepening both her personal commitment to helping others, and developing an ever-expanding skill set for doing so. She has made the very real-world, practical sacrifices of a courageous and selfless soul, undergoing extremely different alchemical transformations. The results are self evident to me on the heart level: an increasingly high vibrational tone to her every interraction; a grounded sense of the suffering of others combined with a devoted, compassionate intent to alleviate suffering, and;an optimistic, can-do approach to every challenge that is presented to her. My admiration for her "walk the talk" approach to both her spirituality and her life borders on shock. One only rarely meets individuals like this, who are selflessly devoted to helping others pursue their highest good, both for themselves and for our world.

The specifics of nomenclature for the different methods and information that she has been exposed to through the years are not nearly as important to me as the results. I've been luckier than most of her clients, because she has given me the opportunity to know her as a friend as well as a client. Throughout our interactions, Judy has always taken the greatest pains to focus on the highest good available in any situation. The results for me have been the ability to be more considerate of myself and others. All of us go through hard times and have various spiritual and psychological issues to deal with. That interacting with a healer could result in a greater accepting of self-responsibility and a deeper sense of being at peace with oneself is a winning combination, to say the least. Perhaps most importantly, there is also the sense of humor and light-heartedness that I've seen Judy bring to life in general, not just her work or personal relationships. It takes a lot of courage to be able to do this, as well as a resilient spirit. My salutations and respect for such a wonderful and dedicated soul. It's been an honor.

T. Henderson - Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Judy Cali has deeply touched my life and continues to make a profound difference with her extraordinary gifts and loving heart. She is an exquisite healer!!! Our working together has inspired both my creative and personal life, and I am truly grateful she so generously offers all of HERself.

Laurel Anne - Tarzana, California
"Butterfly Lady & Artist"
"Life is the flower for which Love is the honey."~ Victor Hugo

Judy is a most wonderful healer. She is an earth angel with the kindest, warmest face, voice & soul. I would never hesitate to seek her help or ask for a healing. My 2 sons have also been blessed by her work. I miss her now as I write this but I know she's only a phone call away. Bless you, Judy, and thank you for being in my life.

Catherine - Simsbury, Conneticut

About 7 months ago for my birthday, I experianced the Serenity vibrational Healing with Judy Cali. It has been a process of profound reawaking and I continue to enjoy it. Thanks Judy, I am very grateful to know you.

Jon Ray - Corona Del Mar, California

I have known Judy Cali for many years and I regard her as one of the best of healers, Mediums (Channeling work) and spiritual advisors I have ever known. I interact with a large volume of healers, etc. because of the work that I do and I consider Judy the best. . I am founder and leader of a Spiritual/Metaphysical Group that has been meeting every week for the past 11 years. Judy has given many lectures to the Group over the years and her information and healing has been invaluable. Judy is a member of the Floating Healing Center and has always been the healer most sought after. I personally am grateful for the channeling work she has done for me which has had a major impact on me and changed my life in the most positive way, as well as for all of the healing. I am grateful to know Judy and have her in my life. I always know how much she is dedicated to the work that she does and that I can count on her whenever the need arises.

Diane Blaszka - Torrington, Conneticut

I have been on a spiritual journey of my own for approximately 18 years now. My quest took me to high peaks and deep valleys, and this intense journey triggered alot of unanswered questions. Over the years, I went in search of some of those answers through various channels, allowing my intuition to guide me in the right direction. They gave me hints as to who I was and what I was here for; and, over time, I discovered they were always matching in evolution my degree of understanding. Since I thought it was time for a greater understanding about myself, I discovered Judy's existence at the beginning of 2005, through a friend. So far, I have had two phone sessions with her: the first one was about my personal evolution; the second one involved mainly healing. Being human still, I had a few doubts about her degree of connection to spirit, but it didn't take me long to notice that most of my questions were getting answered, even though I hadn't verbalized them all. It's as if, through her guidance, all these links came together to finally create a whole picture of who I was and of my purpose here. This realization brought me great joy and peace of mind. Time also played a role in this realization. Within the month following my first meeting with Judy, I started to interact personally with the beings or guides who came forward in that session. Another wish of mine was being granted: to finally get my own answers. As for the healing, I know time will also tell of its effectiveness. I am aware of one thing, though: for deep healing to occur, I have to be ready for that step and the changes it implies. I have to consciously agree to it, no matter who serves as Divine catalyst and how connected she/he is.

Diane Deziel - British Columbia, Canada

My path crossed Judy's quite often when we both lived in Western Massachusetts. I would see her at a Reiki clinic, end up in her office at a small college, sit next to her at a dear friend's funeral, and we'd always end up calling each other the day before our phone number would change because either of us were moving out of the place we were living. I'm so glad we could stay connected, because of all of the healing I had experienced from her loving, gentle soul.

Judy has always been available to me when I have questions, and always encourages me to not only know my truth, but to find my own way, all the while remaining supportive and very loving. She has never answered for me what I know I can find out for myself, which I believe to be rare. It can be tempting to find someone to tell us our way. She is the kind of teacher that is hard to find. She guides us, never tells us.

Judy is also the most gifted and genuine healer that I know. I became much more familiar with Judy and her work in January of 2003. I had a session with her, where she introduced me to a whole other level of being. She had introduced me to Serenity Vibrational Healing, and talked me through a re-birthing. I immediately cleared as a result, and continued to shed more and more as time went on. I still harvest the powerful benefits from that.

What has been most beneficial to me and my life was the channeling session I had. Judy was capable of hearing my deceased loved one, telling me things only she would know about our relationship here and my life from then on. I feel like a part of my heart that was gone was placed gently back into my being. The grief I had felt for so long dissipated, and I was left with a feeling of reverence and peace. I am at a loss as far as explaining to you how beautiful and beneficial my time has been with Judy. I hope you can sense my appreciation. She truly is the real deal!

A.M. Parker - Amherst, Massachusetts

I called Judy after the unexpected traumatic death of my younger brother which also traumatized my mind & physical state of being. Judy channeled my brother's message to me which brought me beyond my fears and anxiety to a state of love, acceptance & serenity within myself. My heart began to heal. Judy also taught me to get in touch with my inner child who had been neglected. She needed to learn to play, laugh, have fun & be silly once again. Judy's Divine work has truely Blessed my life. With Love & Gratitude

Barbara - Naples, Florida

My meeting with Judy Cali was by divine appointment. I was at a holistic fair and had made up my mind that I would not see a psychic but would leave myself totally open to whatever the universe had to offer to me. I had been passing by tables looking at books and crystals when I had stopped at Judy's table. Judy was talking to a young lady about an issue in her life and I could tell from Judy's voice that the information she was giving was sincere, from the heart and from the other side. When the young lady moved away and I was alone with Judy I asked her what she did. She briefly eplained her channeling gifts. When I asked her what her fees were she told me I could leave an offering gift, if I had the money, again very sincerely. The channeling I received from Judy spoke to my soul. Judy told me things about my soul purpose I had known deep inside me all my life but could never communicate to anyone. Her channeling also started me on a path of soul healing from childhood verbal, physical and sexual abuse I never thought was possible at that level. I know that this level and depth of healing is occuring so that my soul purpose of channeling healing to others can now happen with purity. Judy has channeled for me several more times via phone and I am blessed and amazed with the information that she has imparted to me. I have an amazing journal with all of the information in it to keep me encouraged and focused on my path. What a source of blessing the information is! Judy and her unselfish gifts have been a blessing in my life that will continue to be with me until we are together again on the other side. Love and blessing to you Judy!

Donna Brilla - Plantsville, Conneticut

I'm having a difficult time composing what it is I want to say about who you, Judy Cali, are to me. You threw me a life preserver when it felt as if I was drowning in all areas of my life...physically, emotionally and spiritually. You have helped guide me on my path, on my journey of this wonderful life! The life I am now living and loving! You are a Guardian Angel, my Angel...I am so blessed and grateful to have you in my life.

Jeannie A. - Sherman Oaks, California

When I met Judy, I was in debilitating pain, was bed ridden, had given up hope & was about to cross over. She GRACIOUSLY offered her services to me & traveled to my home to care for me. But most of all she brought me hope & love. Her channeling & guidance was so accurate that I finally had a road map that helped me navigate thru fear, pain, old energy patterns & obstacles in my life. Her unwavering encouragement, spiritual insight & clarity of thought gave me hope of recovering from the devastating experiences I had./ She is a powerful & dedicated healer. She is a clear conduit for the Ascended masters & Angelic Realm, who work thru her & administer healing thru her. She has great understanding of life's issues & helped me clear trauma & abuse and remove their memory from my cells so that my body could activate & resume it's natural healing & intuitive/psychic abilities./ Her healing abilities helped me transform my life. Just knowing she is always available to assist me has such a calming effect & gives me the strength & hope to continue on with my life./ She is a very gifted psychic, healer & counselor who helped me gain spiritual insight & assisted me in my spiritual growth. She will definitely lead you to an accelerated consciousness PATH GIVING YOU clarity of your soul purpose, communication with your personal guides & a deeper connection with the Divine. She's AN Angel, a sister & a friend who literally saved my life.

Dianne Robbins - Author of Telos & Messages from the Hollow Earth - Rochester, New York

Judy Cali is a person who opened her heart and mind to me in a giving, loving, and self less way. I was always interested in meditation and the spiritual world. When I met Judy I knew she was the one to help me in this initial step. She took the time to take me through different meditations as well as in depth conversations. I have learned a lot from her and I will always be grateful that I had a chance to spend such quality time with her. Words can not express who Judy is and how she works. She is a person one has to meet in order to understand the depth of her knowledge, connections, and workings with the spiritual world. Thank you!

Rachel - Lenox, Massachusetts